CADISP-Genetics Association Study

The CADISP-genetics  study is an International genome wide association study (GWAS) aiming at identifying genetic risk factors of cervical artery dissections.

What is a cervical artery dissection?

A tear in the lining of one of the vessels supplying the brain (carotid or vertebral artery). It is the most common cause of stroke in young people in Western countries.

Why is it important to look for genetic risk factors?

The mechanisms underlying cervical artery dissection are poorly understood. Evidence from previous studies suggests that genetic predisposition may play a role. However, we still don't know which are the individual genes that contribute to the risk of cervical artery dissection. If we did, it is possible that we could use this information to develop better treatments, or to identify people who are at risk and who could be given lifestyle advice or particular treatments.

Why a multicentre study?

To identify genetic risk factors, a large number of individuals is needed. Because the frequency of cervical artery dissection is low, the joint efforts of several research centres are needed.

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